ACFI Online Worship Service

ACFI Online Worship Service

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ACFI family, we understand that COVID-19 has become a worldwide concern. We are actively monitoring the situation and taking necessary precautions.

First and foremost, we are praying for an end to the spread of this virus, protection over those unaffected and complete healing over those affected.

The health and safety of our congregation is our priority. Our desire and the precautions are to be proactive and not reactive.So, we WILL NOT meet for our regular worship service at the Pflugerville location on Sundays. We plan to conduct an Online Worship Service and we ask that you stay home and participate online from the comfort of your homes.

Option 1: To join by calling a phone number, do the following:

Join by phone, dial +1 717-769-5402 and enter this PIN: 848 742 928# 
To view more phone numbers, click this link:

We will continue using Google Meet app. You can watch live video of our service, including all program slides, pastor prayer and message.

Option 2: To join by using a computer (video or audio), do the following:

  1. Bring up an Internet browser (Chrome or Firefox are the best options, other browsers may require an extra plug-in install)
  2. Log on to your Google account (First preference account, second gmail account, or if you don’t have either, please proceed to the next step)
  3. Copy this link: and paste in the URL window on top and click Enter.
  4. It should let you enter the meeting right away if you have a Chrome or Firefox browser. You won’t see other participants yet.
  5. If not, you may be prompted to install Google Meet app plug-in before you proceed. At this point, it should let you in. You won’t see other participants yet.
  6. To join other participants in the Online Worship Service, click on the Join Now button.
    1. All accounts will be allowed into the meeting automatically.
    2. All other accounts will wait for admission into the meeting.
    3. The Media team will be monitoring who is trying to enter and let you in. If you time out, please try again. We can host up to 100 simultaneous connections, so please use one connection per family so many can join.
  7. All participants will be muted.
  8. We will call the specific people who have assigned roles during the service so they can speak at that time.

Option 3: To join by using a mobile phone (video or audio), do the following:

  1. If you have an iPhone, please install Google Hangouts Meet app on iPhone.
  2. If you have an Android phone, please click on Google Hangouts Meet app or install if it is not already on your phone.
  3. The rest of the instructions are similar to Steps 2-8 as stated in Option 2 above. The only modification would be to place the link in Meeting Code field.

We will ensure all of this goes smoothly. Your patience is highly appreciated.